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February 2017 Archive

Custom Website Design Vs Templates – When to hire a website designer / web developer

How to know if it’s worth investing in a custom designed website by hiring a website designer or website developer, or to purchase a template website and DIY, for either WordPress or Squarespace.

I cover 4 different areas:

  1. Design
  2. Future Growth
  3. Professionalism and Support
  4. ROI 9 Return on Investment.

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How to Split your Website (and Marketing) for 2 Different Audiences: Small Business Strategies

In this video, I’ll teach you how to either SPLIT or COMBINE your small business websites if you find yourself with 2 different audiences. I also teach you how to effectively use your current site to grow the new one.

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How to Break Up with Etsy (or make it your side chick) – So that you can grow your e-commerce shop

In this video, I teach you 3 ways to bring over your Etsy customers to your list so that you can connect with and sell more to them in the future to grow your small business and your own e-commerce shop.