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2017 SEO Relevance + Why it’s important for your website traffic

In this video, I’ll explain what SEO Relevance is in 2017, why it’s SO important to search engines, and some tips for you to use to become more relevant for targeted followers and buyers.

Which website platform is best for my small business? WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace?

In this video, we take a look at Shopify, Squarespace and WordPress. I will help you to identify which website platform to choose for your small business.

future-proofing your {small} business

Us small businesses have to worry about sustainability – especially when WE are the cornerstones of our businesses.

Watch the scope above for explanations on these 3 tips on how to future-proof your business:

  1. Start getting OUT of your own biz (it’s not what you think)
  2. Offer next-level (or pre-level) products & services
  3. Create passive profit income streams



Her success is not your failure.

Sweet friend, please tell me I’m not the only one feeling this.

That every time you see someone similar (either in your same industry, your same age bracket, or who started their business when you did) SUCCEED in a big way, it feels like a jab to your gut.

You hear that voice: “Look at ALL that she’s accomplished, and here you are. Still in the same place. Still haven’t MADE it. Wasting your life, your talent, your money.”

I heard these voices this morning. “What has she done differently that made her SUCCEED and you FAIL?”

These are total LIES friends. We all have a part to play and we all are WHERE we are for a reason.

Let me prove it to you. I did a Periscope on it this morning, and would like to share it with you.


Today I did an impromptu Periscope about the saying currently circulating:

“Her success is not your failure”

– and an amazing verse that coincides with this topic and has a big lesson for us.



How passive income fits with an established business

When the success of your business is RELATIVE to the hours YOU put into it, you can quickly get burnt out.

But maybe you LOVE what you do, and can’t IMAGINE stopping.

But what if you could take on LESS clients, WORK less, maybe have TIME OFF and STILL make more money?

The secret is Passive Income. Setting up a system of income that takes your hours spent, and grows your reach AND your money.

I’m teaching a FREE training tomorrow, Wednesday March 30th at 12pm PST / 3pm EST. Sign up here to grab a spot. We will be giving away free stuff to the live viewers only, so make sure you join us live!

In my Periscope above, I talk about the 3 ways that creating a passive income stream HELPS your current business. Watch the video above or read the notes below.

You will be able to have seasons of slow (and be JUST fine).

Your business should serve your life. You can run a thriving business AND live your life. Life is too short to miss all the beauty. Having a passive income stream will help you to be able to take breaks, whether it’s for pleasure or for life’s disasters. I created my first passive income stream because of a medical emergency in which I knew I’d need to be out of the office. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for my business. Not only can I take breaks and take time off, it’s also helped grow my business in other ways, like:

You can demonstrate your expertise.

Passive income streams can help demonstrate your expertise. You can choose to sell your products TO your current customers, or people who serve your current customers. You will grow your clout and be known as an expert.

You can build an amazing community.

Because you are no longer working one-to-one, instead you’re working one-to-many. That means you’re able to help more people in less time, and GROW your audience. You can now help people who then tell other people, and your influence exponentially grows. My community has grown to international friendships because of my passive income streams. I’ve had in-person opportunities as well as online opportunities because of connections I made, that wouldn’t be possible if I was helping one-to-one.

Passive income does not have to be your full-time gig. It can be your side thing – that helps grow your business and it’s potential, and helps you live the life you deserve.


Join us TOMORROW, March 30th for a FREE training on Passive Income for Creative Businesses. This is a one-time lesson, and we are giving away prizes to live viewers. Grab a spot so that you don’t miss it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.52.43 AM


myth busting: I’m not ____ enough to teach

In Create Passive Profits, we are going to start the course by pushing past the fears that have stopped us in the past. I’d like to dispel some fears here, to encourage you to start those things you’ve been dreaming about, including teaching an e-course (watch my Periscope above).

Myth busting: I’m not {blank} enough

We really seem to psyche ourselves OUT of the good ideas, don’t we? There are lots of excuses we give ourselves about why we aren’t enough to pursue our idea. I’d love to debunk some of these now.

  • I’m not EDUCATED enough

Why is it that we all think we need degrees in anything we do? Maybe it’s the old school way of doing things. It’s never been easier in history to learn how to do something. Hey, I even have a couple degrees in graphic design – but I know a LOT of my colleagues don’t. Since I worked very hard for it, I’m proud of it. But guess what? On the web – no one really cares. I don’t think people hire me because I have a degree – they hire me because they like what I produce, and they know that I can help them. No one cares about your background – they only care if and how you can help them. It’s really, really true.

  • I’m not OLD enough, or YOUNG enough

This can be added on to the above – the web is the great equalizer, and nobody cares how old you are. The web is completely merit-based. Age just doesn’t matter anymore. And if for some reason, your ideal clients are looking for age – they are going to be your same age. So even if that is a factor (which it’s probably not) then there will be an audience and market just like you. Maybe that’s part of your niche – and that’s okay too! It’s just a selling point instead, and no reason to be afraid.

  • I’m not TECHY enough

Simple software solutions are constantly being built for those who aren’t as technically inclined – as well learning programs for those who want to learn how. You can learn just about ANYTHING on the web these days. And even for free if you’re willing to dig. There’s no excuse any more – they are breaking down the tech barriers as we speak.

  • I’m not RICH enough

I have some REALLY great news for you. Remember how I said it’s never been easier in history to learn something? Well it’s also never been cheaper to sell something. Informational products especially are DIRT cheap to produce – and the profit margins are close to 100%. You can get a site started with everything you need for less than $100 these days. You absolutely do not need a lot of money to start your idea. Even crowd-sourcing sites make it easy to gain funding if your project does need it.

So have I convinced you that you are enough? Well, of course you are. You are amazing and ONE of a kind!


Join us on March 30th for a FREE training on Passive Income for Creative Businesses. This is a one-time lesson, and we are giving away prizes to live viewers. Grab a spot so that you don’t miss it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.52.43 AM


Are you TIME-Poor? Living hour-to-hour?

Sometimes instead of being money-poor, we are time-poor. Living check-to-check is eclipsed by living hour-to-hour.

We never have enough time to do what we love, to be there for the people we love, because we are so busy trading hours for dollars. Creating passive income is a real way to create more balance in our lives, work less for more money, and develop a business that supports our lifestyle, rather than the other way around.

If you’re like I was, you may think:

“I’m busy (aka my business is thriving). Why would I need to develop a system for passive income?”

I’ve thought this over and over – and figured the whole “passive income craze” had no relevance in my service-based, client-based, CUSTOM, built-from-scratch, one-of-a-kind business. But I was totally wrong. It is relevant – to ANY business, but especially creative ones, and here’s why:

  • Invest your time instead of just spending it

The biggest case for creating a passive revenue stream in your business is it’s an amazing INVESTMENT. Not investment of money in the traditional sense, though. As your business grows, you’ll realize your most precious asset is time. You may think time is time and goes by no matter what – but it’s not really true. There’s a way to invest your time – and it’s in developing a passive income system. You spend the time ONCE and it keeps working for you – without you spending the time over and over again. Your time is exponentially MORE valuable when spending it creating a passive income system. It can potentially grow and grow, unlike how you’re spending time now. Time is finite in the trade-hours-for-money scenario.

  • Easiest time in history for passive incomes

Right now is the easiest and most fertile planting ground for developing a passive income system. It’s a bit ridiculous how easy it is to start. The cost is super low, and you can start it RIGHT NOW. You don’t need a degree, or even a specialty. You just need a passion – ANY passion. If you know anything about anything – there’s a profit to be made on it. There are people out there who want to know what you know, or want to buy what you make. And connecting those clients with you and your offering is the easiest it’s EVER been. NOW is the time to start. It truly is the future, and the entrance gates are unlocked and are wide open right now. Why NOT start now?

  • Business “insurance” plan

As women, building a business can be particularly scary. We have an extra set of worries when it comes to starting a family. There is such an uncertainty. If you already have children, you already know how big of a change happened in your life. If you don’t already have kids, you can only imagine how your life would change. For all of us though, when a business depends on only us – we get worried something could happen to us and render us temporarily unable to work. Developing a passive income system is a way to serve as a backup plan – or an insurance type business for us. It reduces our client dependency for our business to thrive. And who doesn’t want a little extra security right?

  • Helping other people isn’t limited

The businesses that do the best, are those that HELP people. It is fulfilling as a business owner, and a as person, to be able to help people. As it currently stands though, you can only help so many people, because you’re just one person. When you develop a system, it can grow and grow and help many more people than you could ever handle on your own. Your reach is spread to the sky – and you can truly feel amazing about that! It is worth it!



So now that we’re in agreement – you may be wondering where to start? How do you develop a passive income stream in YOUR businesses? I can help you navigate WHAT to sell and HOW to sell it in my course, Create Passive Profits. You may be on information overload and have NO clue where to start. I’ve worked hard to devour all the information, speak to those currently doing it, and clean it up in an easy to understand and customizable way for CREATIVE businesses. There’s a lot of junk information out there, car salesman type techniques and just generally outdated information. I created a course that I wish was out there. This course will help you to develop the idea and hit the ground running with it. This is my 3rd time running the course, but I’m doing it differently this time with keeping the class small, and adding in the group coaching element. I’m opening registration VERY SOON, so make sure you’re signed up to be first to know when registration opens, so you can be guaranteed a spot and can get started on creating that revenue stream ASAP.

Cheers to a bright future – filled with passive incomes, fulfilling work, and being with the ones you love!

when community over competition goes wrong

Yesterday I did an impromptu Periscope that got a lot of views and a lot of people buzzing.

Community over competition movement has been a positive shift, but it can (and is already) going wrong a bit.

Before you totally freak out, please hear me out. This comes from a place of love. Hugs. Take a quick breath, and let me ‘splain.

Rising tides lift all ships. But only if the water is being added to, not only drawn from.

The idea of rising tides means the body of water is being added to. Those who continually take and take, without adding, are going to find that the community will quickly get tired. And those in said community will stop sharing. Thus, without the proper balance, Community over Competition will crumble. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure you are ADDING more value than you are taking. 80/20 it if you need to. 80% value adding, 20% value taking.

TRUE communities support each other. And sometimes that means spending money.

I’m not saying that you have to spend all of your money to support community. But sometimes the BEST way to support someone is to get out your wallet. (Tough love time, ladies). If you truly believe in someone, HIRE THEM. There truly is no greater form of respect. Don’t just take all the free info they give out and never actually support them financially. Shop within your community, instead of looking outward. Keep each other in business, friends!

Community over competition can be used as a veil to take advantage of competition. Remember to REMEMBER the people who helped you get to where you are.

This is one of the biggest problems I see happening right now. A way to combat this is to REMEMBER the people who helped you, and to call them out and THANK THEM. There is nothing worse than helping someone in need, and them forgetting to thank you for it. It hurts, and it makes others not want to help ever again. Take time to thank your community and mentors for all they have done for you.

Only share what you are comfortable with.

Just because people are sharing more than ever before, doesn’t mean you have to “tell all” or share everything. You can politely send them to a resource in which they can gain more information on their own (like sending them to a business coach or online course). Or, you can be honest at say you aren’t comfortable with sharing proprietary business information with them. You DO NOT have to let them pick your brain for free. Offer a consulting call for a fee, and if they truly need help, they will support you.

Have a lovely week friends!

a Fresh start!


Hello friend! Happy summer to you!!

It’s officially summer, a perfect time for a FRESH start to your business. Sometimes we start our business with the best intentions, but it’s extremely difficult to get it perfect when… well… we aren’t experts at starting a business in the first place.

We are creatives and we love what we do, so much that the rest doesn’t matter much in the beginning. We think we can tackle it all on our own, but pretty quickly we realize we would LOVE (desperately need?) some help.

How do we get more of those clients we LOVE and less of those kinds we’d LOVE to AVOID? Maybe we’ve spent time and money creating a brand we thought we wanted, but we’re still not HAPPY with it. It’s not a reflection of US. Whomp, whomp.

We need community. SOMEONE to chat with. Someone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of. Someone who’s been there. Someone to ask – “Am I doing this RIGHT?”

We want to make our message clear. We want to tell our story and share our heart. We know that we can help people and there’s just a big disconnect on HOW to actually get there.

Oh friend. I HEAR you.

Business coaching can be expensive. We charge $150/hr for it, and there’s a lot of coaching that’s much more expensive. But it WORKS. We’ve seen it change businesses dramatically, when they are finally ready to bring someone on to HELP and guide their path.
So I’m trying something new that I’m SO excited about. It’s called the Styled Brand.

And I’m opening only 5 seats — like RIGHT NOW.


What is the Styled Brand?

The Styled Brand is a four week, intimate business + brand coaching program. The Styled Brand will help you relaunch your business with grace and style. The Styled Brand will help you get clear on money stuff and what to charge for it, and a rock-solid visual brand board and plan to make it all happen. Get real, personal help, to re-build the business you love.

What’s included:

  1. Weekly group coaching calls (recorded if you cannot make it live)
  2. Weekly coaching content, Video & Worksheets Weekly check in office hours email with Cathy
  3. Community for you to connect with each other & like-minded entrepreneurs
  4. A stylized Visual Brand Inspiration Board for you to keep you on track & share with other

Don’t just keep struggling with business issues and questions and indecision. You’re ready.


“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” Karen Lamb


To find answers to all your questions, and to grab one of the very limited spots for August 2015, go here. Or, just email me directly and I’ll answer your questions personally.

I’m so grateful for you, and I’m excited to go on this journey together!



I still kinda can’t believe I’m going to teach this session. I never imagined myself teaching others how to do what I do.

It’s been on my heart lately to find ways to help others. I’ve felt a pull to help others no matter what, and no matter how deep the information is that I’m sharing. If I hear the need, I need to share it. A few months back I was toying with some topic ideas to pitch to speak at Amber Housley’s conference outside of Nashville, Tennessee, called Inspired 2015. I thought a lot about the questions I always get asked, the gaps in the market, and quite simply – what other’s WEREN’T teaching. I then thought about the many amazing entrepreneurs out there who’ve contacted me and said,

“I love your stuff so much, but it’s outside of my budget right now. Hopefully some day in the future I can hire you!”

Every time I hear that, it makes me a bit sad inside. I totally know my worth, and my cause, but it still hurts that I can’t help that person.

So I thought, that’s what people need. They need to learn how to do this themselves. They need that knowledge. Why don’t I teach DIY design for those who can’t quite make the commitment for custom design? I then thought… “No way! I’m not teaching my secrets!” And then I realized…

Those secrets aren’t mine to keep inside.

If I really want to help and connect to the 30 people at Inspired, I need to share. I need to open up and show people why and how I do what I do… How I use those gifts that God has given me.

So here I am friends, open and vulnerable, and I’m going to be sharing ::GASP:: how I design websites. If this session sounds like something you need, come join us. I won’t be teaching this anywhere else. This is a one-time opportunity for me to share a piece of my heart. Here’s a video from last year’s Inspired to give you an idea of the experience:

Here’s exactly what I’ll be teaching in my session:


Are you ready to take creating your website into your own hands? It sounds like a big feat, but it doesn’t have to be! I will show you lots of options, depending on your level of design ability. I will talk about total DIY, partial DIY or working with templates. This session will cover some basic web design theory:

  • Where (and why) to place things
  • What to include in your website
  • What programs to use
  • Choosing a platform and webhost
  • Finding & working with a programmer to bring it all to life

No coding knowledge necessary, but I will give away some of my best secrets and how I envision and execute a design from start to finish. You will feel empowered and in the know, no matter where you are in your website journey.

If this is on your heart to learn, I’d love, love, love if you’d join us. Early-bird registration ends this Saturday 2/28. You will also get $200 off with promo code LOVEINSPIRED.

This event always sells out, so reserve your place now if this feels like something that fits.

I’d love to encourage you today, to also step outside your comfort zone, and share something personal if you think it can help someone else. It’s worth it.