If you’re anything like me, your right brain and your left brain are in a constant battle. Your Left brain craves order, a system, to know what to expect at all times. On the other side, your Right brain craves freedom, inspiration, and is completely moody. Way to get along, guys.

Also if you’re like me, you’ve gone back and forth trying to please each side of your brain. You’ve tried listening to the Left brain, you’ve read books on organization, you’ve purchased calendars and planners. You’ve read about the newest app that will suddenly organize your life for you. And your Right brain just wasn’t happy, it wasn’t able to create properly within those way-too-serious time constraints – so these plans ultimately failed.

Then you tried listening to your Right brain – you let your creativity run your schedule, you created when you “felt” like it, and heck yes – you did some awesome work (BOO-YAH). But then, everyone counting on you started asking where things were, and when they were going to be done. Your Left brain went into full-fledge panic and wanted to know when things were going to get done, and how you were going to stay on top of things. Your Left brain called your Right brain a slacker! The nerve!!

So, now, you’re drowning in busy, and you’re not sure WHAT to do. The traditional business strategies just aren’t working for you! The problem with the systems, apps, books and calendars that you’ve tried – is that they were made by someone ELSE, for someone ELSE’s personality. Let’s just admit to ourselves right now, that as creatives we will NEVER fit in a one-size-fits-all personality type.

I’m a part of a group of creatives, and I asked them one day, what their personality types were. I was completely SHOCKED when they pretty much ran the gamut – and none of them matched mine. I thought surely, all creatives are somewhat the same. But they are not! The only thing we really have in common is the battle between both sides of our brains.

With all these different personality types, how will we ever develop a system to work and create efficiently and consistently? And what about your lifestyle? Your motivations? Your dreams? These developed systems don’t take into account what you really care about. Are you able to have time to do the things you’d love to do? To share time with the people you love? To go to the places you’d like to see? How can we fit those in to our system?

The answer is CUSTOMIZATION. I finally realized that I had to develop a system just for me, and I had to test it, tweak it, and mold it to fit my individuality. My system is like my fingerprint – and instead of fighting who I am, it takes in to account who I am, and works within my framework to create that perfect balance and harmony between my Left and Right brains.

Today I want to encourage you to stop using someone else’s perfect system, and design your own. Need help on how to start? Tips and tricks on how to balance them? I’d love to invite you to join us! The Design Life Project e-course will help you create a system to work efficiently, create beautifully, and LOVE those around you BIGGER and BETTER. If you feel like you NEVER HAVE ENOUGH TIME, than this course is for you! Scheduling is just one part of a whole new balance you’ll create in your life with this 6-week e-course. There are limited spots to keep the experience personal, so make sure you’re signed up to hear about when registration opens NEXT WEEK and you can snag your spot!

I can’t wait to hear how much you are loving this new system for scheduling! It REALLY works!