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at the heart of it, we're... Story stylists, Pops of pink, Family frolics, Dual MAC screens, Gratitude showers, Candid smiles, Moment makers, Experience shapers, Faith-fueled, Heart followers, Disney magic, Vision bringer-to-lifers, Endless experimenters, Template tramplers, Client cherish-ers, Info architects, Spongy learners, Bear-hugging mamas, Heavy dreamers, Dream builders you + us
You’re a creative, dream-devoted woman who lives
her life in the sweet spot of hustle and heart.

You’ve got sparkle to share and genius to give.

The only thing that’s holding you back from CRUSHING it #likeaboss? A brand + website that’s outdated, uninspired, or just not you — which is why you’ve got US.

At Love-Inspired, we do more than package your expertise in a way that excites eyes. We design evocative experiences that hug hearts.

By connecting the emotional dots of your values and vision, we create those memorable moments that capture smiles and trust, reveal a little piece of you, and tug your talent into the spotlight — where it belongs.

As your new business BFFs and brand co-creators, we bring open ears. Keen innovation. Artful strategy. And multifaceted expertise that puts the fun in functional, so visitors to your website feel like they’re skipping through an easy-to-navigate, magical theme park.

We understand how to braid artistic intention and colorful connection into every pixel, styling up your story so it sings truer than Snow White. (Minus the forest-creature crew.)

And because we’ve been in this business for 15+ years and worked with multi-million dollar brands? We’re awesomely educated in the delights of digital interaction.

We’re here to guide you with our knowledge of what works and why, so the right people start finding you, falling for you, hiring you, and shaking their pom-poms for you.

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We believe in heartcrafted design that makes you feel seen and your audience feel heard, with a loving boutique approach to guide you every step of the way.

Cathy - Founder & Queen Bee, Designer + Coder Cathy Olson

My creativity goes deeper than my degrees in Microcomputer Graphics and Art & Design. For me, real originality is about unearthing those fragments of you — those story shards, invisible ingredients, hidden gems — and polishing them for everyone to see. A life-threatening tumor once taught me to throw your heart into your work, trade your fear for faith, and never take your loved ones for granted. And now that I’m onto dapper days, I share my passion and expertise on the international stage and over on our blog. I love cities with a heartbeat, the classroom of life, and divine interventions.

Youtuber "Awesome" over-user Biz book devourer
Studio Bedazzler Kyleen Dye Maker Mom
Historical fiction buff
DIY devotee

As someone with a Bachelor’s in Business and Economics, I’m a pro at bringing organization to overwhelm. And yet, there’s nowhere I’m happier than sitting in the creative chaos of my craft room. If my life was a hashtag, it would be #makersgonnamake. I geek out over saga series, textiles, and interior design (my other degree!). My hobbies are wine and coffee — they count! — and my favorite words ever are: “The kids are asleep.”

Princess of Programming Jenné Leigh Professional bookworm
Sonic the Hedgehog

I’m a code connoisseur with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Graphic Design. I’m also a collector of pretty prints and a big believer in magic — the kind that surrounds us and the kind that lives within us. I married a (non-rocket) scientist who joins me for bubble tea flavor experiments and we have a (really cute) cat together. I can’t think of anything more soothing than train rides and home reno shows.

Client Concierge Rachael Allison Culinary Adventurer
Edwardian Era Enthusiast
Clue Champion

As the master of client delight, I spend my days inspiring smiles, eclipsing expectations, anticipating needs, and brightening days. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to homemade pastries and French. Life is better with a strong cup of coffee and a historical drama (and of course, with my handsome husband at my side). I dream of having a vegetable garden to rival Rabbit's from Winnie the Pooh. I'm the rare Texan that doesn't love football, except, of course, when my beloved Baylor Bears are playing!

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